Board of Directors


John O'Flynn

John has been a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ for over 40 years, is involved in teaching Bible Study classes, has served as a Deacon and Chairman of Deacons in his local church. He has received training as a Chaplin with a Disaster Relief Organization associated with his church. John has had many dogs over the years and did some serious training with his Chocolate Labrador Retriever, Chocolat. With the passing of Chocolat, John became interested in the idea of being a puppy raiser for an organization known as Canine Companions for Independence (CCI) through the friendship of Pam Gordon, who herself was puppy raising a dog for CCI. John’s CCI’s puppy was Winona who has grown up to be an Ambassador with Comfort Canines For Christ.

John was part of the initial incorporation of Comfort Canines For Christ serving as Vice Chairman. In May, 2018 when he was elected to be Chairman of Comfort Canines For Christ.


In his own words, “I am so thankful that God has put me in an organization that ministers to people utilizing one of His creatures, a dog.”

John with Winona


Crystal Edgerton

Crystal gave her heart to Jesus at the age of 6. She teaches Sunday School, has served as church pianist, worked in children’s ministry through Vacation Bible School & Children’s Church. Her passion is sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ through music.  She uses the voice that God gave her to touch the hearts of others. Her love for animals is evident in the farm of rescues that she and her husband, Tim live on. In addition to horses, a miniature donkey, lots of cats & 75 chickens, she has 5 dogs that are near and dear to her heart, but one of those little dogs is a most precious gift from God.  Isabella, “Izzy” was given to her by Divine Appointment. God knew that she was going to need comfort in the coming months of her life.  Cancer would visit her without warning.  In those recovery days, Izzy became her comfort therapy dog, never leaving her side. God gifted Izzy with the ability to sense tears even when no sound is made.  This precious

Crystal with Izzy

gift became one of the deciding factors that Crystal & Izzy would be a great addition to the Comfort Canines for Christ organization. Having served with this wonderful ministry for close to a year, Crystal was elected to serve as Vice Chairman.  In her own words Crystal says, “I am honored to be a part of such a wonderful ministry that allows me to share my “precious gift of Izzy” with others and to watch her bring comfort to those who cry tears of sadness, even on the inside. God has given me a special opportunity to pray with those who are hurting and to bring comfort where it is needed most… all through the “gift” of a sweet little dog. Isn’t God AWESOME?!” 


Pam Gordon

Pam was raised Jewish. A few years ago she was taught about Jesus and came to realize that He is the true Messiah, based on the Old Testament.  Since her discovery of Jesus Christ, Pam’s life has changed and she has grown tremendously.


Comfort Canines For Christ was started from an idea that Pam had.  After working with Canine Companions For Independence as a puppy raiser and learning some dog training skills Pam wanted to find a way to use her experience to help others. 


Now, years later, CCC is a growing, thriving ministry that is at the center of Pam’s life.  It has taken a lot of effort by several people to make this happen, but Pam still refers to CCC as her “baby”.

Isaiah 59

Pam and Eve


Jane O'Flynn