Canine Ambassador


Izzy is a Yorkie adopted in March of 2014 from sweet friends of mine who lovingly allowed her to become a part of my family. Our bond was instant and inseparable. Izzy is naturally submissive and sticks so close behind me that as I turn a circle looking for her, I can’t find her. She truly is my shadow!  We spoil her, but we don’t let her hear us say that!

In October of 2015, I had major surgery and was found to have breast cancer. I was down recovering for more than four (4) months.  During that time, Izzy spent many hours snuggling next to me in bed or on the couch. If I would cry, she would immediately jump to my cheek to kiss away the tears and lay close by my neck as if telling me “it’s gonna be okay.” She did not want to leave my side. My husband, Tim, would have to pick her up and carry her for outside breaks and even to eat.  But, as soon as that door opened she bolted straight back to me. She brought true comfort during that difficult time. 

When I found Comfort Canines for Christ, I knew Izzy would be the perfect candidate. She is, after all, the “best” at giving snuggles! She is very calm, loving, and small enough to easily be placed on hospital beds or laps for hugs, pats, and pets.

I am thankful to my Lord Jesus for bringing Izzy into my life for such a time as this. May we always share His love thru the comfort of His creation….My Izzy .

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Izzy and her handler Crystal