Canine Ambassador


Abby came to us by what we call Divine Appointment. We do not believe in coincidences because we know that God is ALWAYS working on our behalf for our good and His Glory. When Tim finally coaxed Abby out of her hiding place in the woods, he instantly became her human. She was scared and unsure of why she had been dumped on the side of the road. Despite her fear, she trusted him beyond the trauma that she had previously experienced and their bond became a very strong one.

We recognized right away that though she was timid, she was extremely smart.  After 3 months of searching, no one claimed her and Abby adopted us as her forever family.  We took her to our local veterinarian for a complete check up. She was found to be heart worm positive but responded well to treatments. She was also determined to be approximately 2 years old & considered to be a Labrador/Great Pyrenees mix, which explains her very large build.

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We knew right away that Abby had the heart of a servant.  She would always find something, a stick, a toy, or a ball to bring it to you as soon as you stepped outside. She loved the 6 other dogs that lived on our farm.   She didn’t bother the cats, nor the chickens & was ever so gentle with the kids.  Our first indication that she would be a candidate for our Comfort Therapy Program, was when Crystal stepped out on the back porch and approached the steps to climb down. She had recently had a foot surgery and needed to go slowly down the steps.  Abby immediately came beside Crystal slipping her back under Crystal’s hand and proceeded to take one step at a time with Crystal’s hand placed firmly on her back to steady her.  Crystal was amazed at how she waited for her to come back to the steps to climb up, and Abby again, did the same protective procedure, helping her back up the steps.

Tim enrolled Abby in a 16 week Obedience training program including the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) program.  Abby surpassed all of the training requirements and completed all of the courses in a 6 week time frame.  The Training Instructor was so impressed and finally told Tim that  “there was nothing more she could teach this dog”. 

So we introduced Abby to our other Canine Ambassadors… Playtime was on!!!   

Abby & Tim became our newest Handler & Canine Ambassador Team.  Abby just had a heart that wanted nothing more than to serve her master and make him happy.  It amazes us that what man discards as trash to the side of the road, God uses the very same to bring comfort and joy to a hurting soul. 

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