40008 Hickory Lane Ponchatoula, LA 70454



559 W Railraod Avenue Independence, LA 70443

Dr. Jason Farrell
Dr. Melissa McCormick
Hickory Small Animal Hospital is Canine Ambassadors Eve and Winona's veterinarian. Hickory Small Animal Hospital is accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA).  In fact, Hickory is the single AAHA accredited animal hospital practice in Tangiphoa and Livingston parishes. The practice has also been recognized by Louisiana State University for the 4th consecutive year as being one the fastest growing LSU alumni owned/operated business in the world. No other veterinary hospital has achieved this distinction.
Dr. Farrell is the serious and conscientious businessman yet gentle with the animals in his care. Dr. McCormick's interaction with her fur patients is like taking pets to your mom.  She often sits on the floor during examinations while calmly talking & whispering while hugging & petting the animals and then "sneaks-a-shot" with a simultaneous snack before the patients notice.  CCC is forever indebted to Dr. McCormick and Hickory as they nursed Eve back from life threatening poor health when she was first rescued.     
 Hickory Small Animal Hospital Website:  http://www.hickorysmallanimal.com/index.php