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Kimber is a purebred German Shepherd born on May 2, 2016. From the moment we brought him home he had a gentle, quiet spirit and I had hoped to train him to be a therapy dog. As we worked and trained together it became very clear to me that he was perfect for that job. We began visiting my mom in her 

assisted living home from the time he was 10 weeks old. He was always gentle and never used his teeth like a normal puppy his age. If I showed up without Kimber I was quickly reprimanded by several people! 


My mom was frequently in the hospital and ICU during the final 6 months of her life, so Kimber gained experience working in the hospital setting. He was always welcomed with big smiles and compliments about his calm and gentle demeanor.  He even had people from other floors coming to visit with him!


In May of 2017 my mom entered hospice care, but the assisted living facility in which she lived required a family member's presence at all times.  Kimber and I basically moved in and stayed with my mom until her homecoming.  Innately, Kimber constantly checked on my mother, and a few times in the middle of the night Kimber woke me up to alert me of mom needing help.  I honestly don’t know

what I would have done without Kimber by my side. He just knew when I needed him to snuggle when I became emotionally overwhelmed.  


Prior to finding Comfort Canines for Christ,(CCC) I was looking into another organization, but I just didn’t have peace. Then all of a sudden I was reading a post on Facebook talking about CCC, I immediately went to their website and was thrilled to celebrate a Christ centered evangelical therapy dog organization. I am so honored to be a part of CCC and I am excited to see the doors the Lord will open for us.

Bio by Lisa Maasch

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