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Tough Questions 


Tough questions need answers.  Chaplain's Corner provides the right answers to the tough questions that people will encounter while ministering, especially while interacting with nonbelievers.  


Common questions include:

  • Where does God come from?  

  • Where's the proof that God exists?

  • If God is good, why did He allow bad things to happen?

  • Why does God let evil exist?

  • How is this fair?  I'm a good person, and I suffer while the wicked thrive and prosper.  

The format chaplains will use on this page is to provide a "short answer" as well as an "in depth answer."  Time restraints during visits often prevent lengthy conversations, but our teams are strongly encouraged to follow-up with one-on-one personal visits with those expressing interest in discussing faith based or theological questions.  Short answers satisfy the thirst for immediate response that naturally lends to an invitation to a more personable meeting at a later date.  CCC directors pray that God will grant His full favor in outreach.        

Where does God come from? 

Dr. Kent Hovind provides a concise and lively response to that very question in the adjacent video.  


However, the short answer is that God exists outside of our world's dimensions of fixed time, space, and mass.  The fundamental premise of the question itself incorrectly assumes a limited God.  Our world's frame of reference incorrectly assumes everything originates and operates with-

in the context of our fixed time, space, and mass.  God is not of this dimension - He's outside and above our world and not limited by our dimension. 


Dr. Hovind utilized a brilliant analogy of a computer in that the inventor is not inside the computer flipping switches, responding to keyboard entries, and manipulating data.  The dimensions of computers are simply 0's and 1's in hardware and software that enable the machine to function.  The inventor himself is not limited by the computer's dimensions of 0's and 1's but is outside and above the computer's "world."  Similarly, God is not limited by the dimensions of this world.


So, where does God come from?  The answer is that God has always existed, which is beyond our capacity to understand as our thinking is limited to our world's dimensions of time, space, and mass.

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